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SilacU230 is a Single Pack Urethane Alkyd Resin based on rich Linolic content oil like Dehydrated Castor Oil (Monomer) or Linseed Oil. They are polymers built up by Urethane linkages containing air drying Polyunsaturated ester groups as substitutes. In effect the modern Urethane oils are a type of Alkyd Resin in which the Dibasic Acid is replaced by a Diisocyanate. The coatings based on Urethane varnishes are high-tech film formers very widely used and are unequalled in properties such as toughness, hardness, durability and rapid drying.

Properties: The films of Urethane varnishes exhibit the following properties which are superior to those conventional media.
1) Light Golden in color, hence suitable for all shades and colors including pure whites.
2) Very rapid rate of initial drying even at low ambient temperature.
3) Thorough drying
4) No special solvent required conventional solvent eg. Mineral Spirits is adequate.
5) Excellent abrasion resistance and scratch hardness.
6) Excellent resistance to chemicals and water.
7) Presence of free NCO is negligible and is completely non- hazardous and absolutely safe for handling even by unskilled workers.
8) Can withstand temperature from +150 to -25°C
9) Very tough film
10) Dust repellent and antifungal
11) Excellent salt spray resistance
12) Can be processed in the manner similar to those for Alkyds with which all Paint manufacturers are familiar.
13) Recommended for Wood & Metal coatings.

Application: Fast drying alkyd with better chemical/water Resistance for super Enemels, Hammertone, Finishes and wood Lacquers


Code No Description and Appearacne Solid Content Viscocity @ 50% Solids B-4 Cup (Seconds) Hard Dry With Driers (30% Solution) in MTO /in Air Hard Dry With Driers (30% Solution) in MTO / at 120° C (Mts.) Scratch Hardness Air Dried(Gms.) Resistance To Water & Chemicals Max Acid Value
SINGLE PACK PU RESIN SILAC U230 Urethane Oil Alkyd Varnish Golden yellow 60 (±) 2% 120 to 150 1 Hr 8 ≤ 1000 Excellent <1 Free NCO < .01%


All the above materials should be stored at room temperature and should not be expossed to air. the container should be always kept airtight. the information contained herein