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Silex-60(70%) is Phenolic Resin based on CNSL modified with Styrene. They are clear transparent viscous resins with reddish brown color. It is highly suitable for surface coating applications where outstanding film properties and very high resistance to water and chemicals are required.

Compatibility: Silex-60(70%) is compatible with all drying oils, alkyds, epoxies, estergums, phenolics, maleics etc. in all proportion and only to a limited extent in chlorinated resins specially chlorinated rubber. It is not compatible with urea resins.

Solubility: Silex-60(70%) is soluble in Mineral Turpentine oil (MTO) in all proportion. It is also soluble in most of the common paints solvent like xylene, napthas, ketones and ester etc. wherever they are to be used along with other resins of limited solubility in MTO like expoxies and vinyls etc., other suitable solvents like xylene, ethyl ketones, etc., can be used.

Mode of Supply: It is supplied in 200 or 25 kgs. packings as 100%, 80%, and 70% solids in MTO. For most of the paints and varnishes applications 70% solid is recommended as it has the best film properties.

Recommended Driers: Driers combination such as 1% lead or 0.4% zirconium, 0.1% cobalt and 0.1% Manganese as metal on the solid resin content is recommended. If require the proportion of Manganese can be increased to 0.3% with beneficial effects. After addition of driers ageing for 24 hours is recommended.

Application Technique: Film of Silex-60 (70%) can be applied either by brush, spray or flow technique.

Storage: The storage stability is Silex-60 (70%) is satisfactory for 6 months or more if stored in air tight containers in a cool place.

Recommended uses: Silex-60 (70%) a pale coloured resins having very glossy film, it can be specially used as medium for light coloured highly glossy non white enamels by suitable pigmentation.

Caution: In case of reactive pigments such as Zinc Chrome, Zinc oxide, basic lead Sulphates etc. It is advised that they are not ground along with the main pigments in the resin as there is a possibility of reaction. They should be added only in the end allowing slight grinding for proper dispersion.

Applications :Air Drying/Baking Enamels, Insulting Varnishes, Food Can Lacquers, Chemical Resistance Paints, Wood Finishes Bobbin Paints & 100% Resin For Harmmertone Finishes. Particularly Recommended for Dark Coloured Compositions and Anti Fouling Paints


Code No Description and Appearacne Solid Content Viscocity @ 50% Solids B-4 Cup (Seconds) Hard Dry With Driers (30% Solution) in MTO /in Air (Hrs.) Hard Dry With Driers (30% Solution) in MTO / at 120° Deg C (Mts.) Scratch Hardness Air Dried(Gms.) Resistance To Water & Chemicals Max Acid Value
Silex 60 Styrerenated CNSL Formaldehyde Brown Viscous Resin 80 (±) 2% 80 to 120 2.5 15 1100 Excellent 5
70 (±) 2% 120 to 160 2.5 15
50 (±) 2% 160 to 200 2.5 15


All the above materials should be stored at room temperature and should not be expossed to air. the container should be always kept airtight. the information contained herein