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Cashew nut shell liquid contains Phenolic group called ANACARDNIC ACID. CNSL oil is distilled and Card phenol is separated. Card phenol is polymerized and modified with Alkyds, Styrene monomer and Rosin to make different grades of modified Card phenol resin. SILEX 70 is Plain Card Phenol based Phenolic Resins. They are Golden yellow in colour and are suitable for manufacturing Synthetic Hard Gloss Semi Darker & Darker Enamel Paints, Insulating Varnishes, Aluminum Medium etc., & are having outstanding Film Properties. They can be blended with any conventional Alkyds and Epoxies & can be used for making Lighter colour shades also & specially recommended for Marine Paints.

COMPATIBILITY: These resins are compatible with all drying oils in all proportions like Linseed Oil, DCO, Soya etc., Their compatibility with other resins like Alkyds & Epoxies is also very good

SOLUBILITY: SILEX 70 are soluble in most of the Aromatic & Aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents like Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO), Mineral Spirits (MS), Xylene, Toluene, Solvent Naphtha etc.,

RECOMMENDED DRIERS: Driers added are 1% Lead, 0.5% Cobalt & 1.5% Manganese as metals in their Octoate and the varnish is left for 24 hours for ageing. These resins have very good film forming property like high gloss, better hardness and water/chemical resistance. These properties are beneficial to paint manufacturers as Cardphenol resin is economical compared to conventional Alkyds. However pure Cardphenol resin can be incorporated in regular paint formulation to reduce cost and adjust quality.

MODE OF SUPPLY: It is supplied in 200 or 25 kg’s packing’s as 100%, 80%, and 70% solids in MTO. For most of the paints and varnishes applications 70% execution is recommended as it has the best film properties.

RECOMMENDED USES: High Gloss Red oxide metal primer made with Cardphenol resin does outstanding performance and corrosion protection. In making economical quality interior enamels Cardphenol resin is added to reduce cost of formulation and also improve gloss. Incorporating Long oil alkyd in Cardphenol formulation improves flexibility and durability. Cardphenol resin based formulations tend to yellow when exposed to sunlight and the shade of the paint darkens hence not recommended for exterior finishes. Suitable for Offset Printing inks, Insulating Varnishes etc.,

STORAGE: The storage stability of SILEX 70 Resins are satisfactory at least up to one year if stored in tight containers in a cool place.

CAUTION: Some times SILEX 70 may be used along with basic pigment like Zinc Chrome, Zinc Oxide, basic lead sulphate etc. It is advised that these pigments are not ground along with the main pigment in the Cardphenol resin as there is a possibility of reaction. The reactive pigments should be added after the grinding for proper dispersion of the Pigment. Hence it is advisable to grind the main pigments with any Long Oil Alkyd Resin and then add our Cardphenol resin outside and stir well to avoid reaction.

Applications : Air drying cum Baking Enamels, Semi Dark & Darker Enamels, Insulating Varnishes, Food Can Lacquers, Wood Polishes, Marine Coatings for Anti- Corrosive Properties etc.


Code No Description and Appearacne Solid Content Viscocity @ 50% Solids B-4 Cup (Seconds) Hard Dry With Driers (30% Solution) in MTO /in Air (Hrs.) Hard Dry With Driers (30% Solution) in MTO / at 120° Deg C (Mts.) Scratch Hardness Air Dried(Gms.) Resistance To Water & Chemicals Max Acid Value
SILEX 70 Cardphenol Formaldehyde Clear
Golden Yellow Liquid Resin
100 (±) 2% 80 to 100 3.5 30 1000 Excellent 5
80 (±) 2% 100 to 120 3 30
70 (±) 2% 120 to 150 2.5 20
50 (±) 2% 150 to 200 2.5 15


All the above materials should be stored at room temperature and should not be expossed to air. the container should be always kept airtight. the information contained herein