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Silkyd 110 are Cardphenol modified with Long Oil Alkyd based Phenolic Resins. The Rosinated Alkyds are very popular in the Paint Industry. They were introduced primarily to reduce costs and to improve the drying time. But these advantages are gained at the cost of sharp deterioration of the properties of the original Alkyd particularly it’s chemical & water resistance & outdoor durability properties. Keeping these in consideration we have developed these resins. It reduces the drying time, improve the resistance to chemical & water & outdoor durability, yet the cost is lower than the Alkyds. They are Golden yellow in colour and are suitable for Semi Dark colored & Semi Light colored Synthetic hard glossy enamels, Furniture enamels, Insulating varnishes having outstanding film properties.

The Cardphenol Resins are reacted with Alkyds and have both ester & ether linkages in the structure. They exhibit outstanding Water, Alkali & Chemical Resistance combined with excellent weather resistance particularly because the modifying methylol is based on Phenol. The C-15 aliphatic chain further improves the flexibility and water resistance of the resultant polymer.

They are clear transparent and comparatively pale resins and are uniquely suitable for base formulations of synthetic enamels of superior quality with improved outdoor durability.

Applications: General Purpose Paints, Suger Glossy Enamels, Lacquers, printing inks, Compositions with high outdoor durability, Flexibility and gloss with better non yellowing properties


Code No Description and Appearacne Solid Content Viscocity @ 50% Solids B-4 Cup (Seconds) Hard Dry With Driers (30% Solution) in MTO /in Air (Hrs.) Hard Dry With Driers (30% Solution) in MTO / at 120° C (Mts.) Scratch Hardness Air Dried(Gms.) Resistance To Water & Chemicals Max Acid Value
Silkyd 110 DCO/Linseed Long Oil Alkyd Modified With cardphenol Resin 80 (±) 2% 120 to 150 3.5 20 1000 Very Good 7
70 (±) 2% 150 to 200 3 15
50 (±) 2% 200 to 250 2.5 15 1100 Very Good 7


All the above materials should be stored at room temperature and should not be expossed to air. the container should be always kept airtight. the information contained herein